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Do you find that certain things, words or people make you feel angry, irritated, offended or hurt? Are there things that get you back on your feet that lead you to negative feelings? No matter how right you are and how wrong they may be when you feel bad, they are in control of you. When you learn to take full control of how you feel, you will have the power to choose what you experience in each moment. You will no longer be at the mercy of people, circumstances and other things. "Emotional Maturity" is a new modality that develops the power of unconditional love for self and others, and increases self-esteem. The goal of "Emotional Maturity" is that you can feel more comfortable for more time. The more time you spend feeling good about yourself the more productive you are; the better decisions you make, the better your relationships are; the more energy you have, the better decisions you make; the more effective your communication, the more persuasive you are; and the more successful you are in all areas of your life, the more you will be able to enjoy your life. You will develop the powerful ability to change the subconscious programming that has caused all of the problems you are experiencing. You will learn how our problems arise, what happens in the background when you see your challenges, and how to make changes that produce quick, lasting results. From illness to financial problems; From personal relationships to business success, everything you experience is based on your core programming.

About me

Born in Bucharest, Romania in 1954, I was confronted with the effects of displacement and violence very early in his life. This forced me to develop my own coping strategies.

During my medical studies and then the specialist training, I concentrated on the logical explanations of scientific medicine. The long hospital activity only served to further confirm this logical explanation of the world. It was my own crisis that led me to ask questions: about my own development, about the beliefs I had, the logic of medicine, and only now could I understand that there is also another world that we cannot explain today , and still exists.

The branch opened up new horizons for me. I enjoyed training in NLP ( neurolinguistic programming ), hypnosis and systemic therapy. These trainings changed my view of our universe.

The advantage of looking at health and illness from a medical, psychosomatic point of view allowed me to see the world with different eyes. It became my goal to share this experience with others.

Dr. medic George Ivan Gal

Dr. medic George Ivan Gal



In the years since I have dealt intensively with addiction, pain and depression patients, I developed a model that classified depression in the group of anxiety disorders and phobias. It has always been referred to the fact that the listlessness, the sleep disturbances, describe a depressed person mostly as calm, and it was not necessarily interpreted as a stress reaction. What is less known is that the depressed is suffering from the greatest stress there is! The constant attempt to solve the "problems" causes extreme physical ...


The hidden master who keeps you in control Remember when you first learned to drive a car and you were afraid of driving on the highway for the first time. Or the first time you went to the mall and had to turn park around! Now, you could probably be on the highway while texting, talking on the phone and listening to your favorite song at the same time. What has changed? ...


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